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So today I composed a fashion shoot in relation to my summer project for uni before i go! I started focusing on the 17th century as i love the flamboyant styles and for the fact that it was the most elaborate … Continue reading

Unicorn Taxidermy

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Unicorn Taxidermy will be an online vintage shop possibly on ASOS marketplace, EBAY, and even a feature on this very website! I plan to sell a range of vintage products from 60′s,70′s & 80′s attire along with quirky home accessories. … Continue reading

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

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For one photography brief we were asked to create a ‘colour story’ I chose to focus on using poems for inspiration, what’s better than beautiful descriptive words that already tell stories. They are already conjuring up a visual in your … Continue reading

In the closet volume 4.

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As usual just a few items that i’ve bought recently, I went to London last weekend so there’s quite a few pieces from there. I went to Brick Lane and it was amazing, there was a huge garage just full … Continue reading

Location & Styling.

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For our brief ‘Location & Styling’ we had to quicky devise ideas to go out and perform a photoshoot for our fashion publication process project. It was ‘reading week’ so I had plenty of time of swan round looking for … Continue reading

Windswept & Interesting.

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For part of my course one of our areas of study is fashion publication photography which is very appealing to me, i’ve always really been inspired by photography and photographic styling and would love to be an art director or … Continue reading

Arty Farty.

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Just fancied giving you a little taster of the kind of things i’m doing on my uni course at the moment! I’m studying Fashion Communication at Northumbria University and so far it’s been pretty darn good. For one project were … Continue reading


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So now in Newcastle where i currently live it’s about a five minute walk to the ‘town’ or ‘city centre’ should i say which is amazing! (for convenience) I wandered there on friday as i was told to gather supplies … Continue reading

In the closet volume 3.

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 Haven’t posted one in a while! So i thought i’d update you on a few things i’ve been buying, especially for Autumn/Winter THE BEST SEASONS!  Even though most of the stuff is vibrant and colourful which i usually don’t do, … Continue reading


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Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons, mainly for the colours and the crisp air. I love the crunch of the dry frail leaves under my boots and the rusty reds and oranges covering the ground, it just looks … Continue reading

BINTM Live. Ticket Giveaway.

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  As all the fans will be aware of it’s almost time for BINTM LIVE! Such a brilliant event and is the ultimate girl’s day out! Catwalks, free hair and beauty treatments, and of course see the girls LIVE . … Continue reading

Book up your ideas.

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WOW, i am such a handbag enthusiast and i can’t describe how much love i have for these clutch bags. They are so kitsch and amazing, WHY does everything good and desirable usually have to be so expensive, times like … Continue reading